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Hello! Call me Parfait / Parfaits!
Am an illustrator / designer in both work and hobby.

I draw a mix of fanart and original artworks using both digital and watercolour mediums. Recently also fallen into the hell pit of designing my own characters / closed species and writing for them. Am into a few anime / manga / game series too. Most of my time online is spent fangirling.

Currently Playing
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Tales of Vesperia (Definitive Edition)

Waiting for
Pokemon Sword & Shield
Luigi's Mansion (maybe)
Tales of Crestoria (maybe)


currently mostly busy with irl work & pets
semi-actively posting art on social media
working on my own projects at my own pace
+ Fire Emblem Three Houses currently eating up a bunch of my time

2019 is sort of a break year so art progress will be slower
+ reconsidering some stuff like art handle name etc.

Art Status
Art Commissions → "just-ask" basis
Art Trades → close mutuals only
Art Requests → closed
(availability depends on schedule)

Convention Status
Currently on break from boothing after Doujima 2019.

Personal Projects

more info TBA!

Adopts & Closed Species

more info TBA!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ section coming soon!

Terms of Service

TOS section coming soon!